Elvira Ella (Phoenix) Singleton

Daughter of Gabe and Sarah Phoenix, she was one of nine children.

On January 19, 1899, she married Fred Singleton. They had 12 children; 10 of whom survived – Blanche, Cecil, Charles, Elsie, Frieda, George, Hazel, Katherine, Vergie, and Wilbur.

Since Ella’s mother, Sarah, passed away when the children were very young, she took in laundry and did housework for many years. She would use flat irons that had to be heated on the kitchen stove, fueled by wood and coal. She was an excellent baker, her specialty being bread and cinnamon rolls, which everyone loved.

In the summer of 1941, Mrs. Elvira (Ella) Phoenix Singleton expressed her desire to have a family reunion. Plans were made immediately. On September 1, 1941, the first Singleton-Phoenix reunion was held on the Academy lawn, News Street, Lebanon, OH. A capacity crowd attended. It was decided that we make it an annual affair in August.