The Singleton Side

Our Singleton family branch is said to originate out of the Smokey Mountain area of Virginia and North Carolina.  We believe that they were part of the Cherokee Nation who fled to the hills to keep from being driven west in the Government relocation in 1834.  We can trace our roots back to Naomi and Pascal Singleton who are the grandparents of Frederick Singleton.

All but three of the 14 children of Naomi (b. 1824) and Pascal (b. 1815) Singleton were born on what is now the Qualla Reservation in Cherokee, North Carolina.  Mary (Molly) Singleton (Love) was born in 1854.  About 3 years later the family came by wagon train to Ohio and settled in the Village of Henpeck in Utica, Ohio.  These are the children of Pascal and Naomi Singleton:  Jacob D.D., Joseph, Henry Martin (1848), William Wilson (1851), Jacob, Sarah Ann, John Wesley (1855), Laurabelle, Lydia Alice (1861), Mary Jane (1857), Wilbur, Martha Ellen (1859), Sherman (1867), James (b 1867)  Thomas (1866), George Washington (1863).

Frederick, the son of Mary Jane Singleton (Love), was born in 1877.   His father was Charles Love, but we are not sure of his history.  Frederick was raised as a Singleton.